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Develop Property Management Platform to allow landlords and managers to quickly and accuratly screen tenants, and manage leases using data sciences.

Using high-tech tools, directly integrating with industry resources to make property leasing lifecycle seemless.

Mobile Web Development


Process & Ressults

Our team has built mobile-first property management platform modules include: Property and Unit management, Applicant Screaning, Rental Portal, Admin, etc.
  • Solution included integration of multiple external APIs: Plaid, Stripe, Credit, Criminal History and Eviction checks.
  • A map has been added. It displays apartments that are for sale or rent
  • Search for apartments is added by parameters or in a specific area
  • Apartments that fall within the visibility of the map are displayed in the list and on the map
  • Possibility to add to the user his own ads for renting or selling an apartment.
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