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Dathena is a system that consists of a set of web apps. They are intended for the protection and analysis 
of personal data that are stored by the operators (major enterprises, banks, etc.)

The old version of the applications had a lot of bugs and poor performance, so all the code had to be rewritten. In a short time it was necessary to create a convenient front-end for 5 web applications.


Switzerland, Singapore


Web Development




Microsoft’s Global Co-Sell Partner
Part of the “20 Best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020”, Forbes says.
New York , US
Bangkok, TH
Singapore, SG
Lausanne, SW
Paris, FR
Genève, CH

Process & Ressults

The interface has been created

Using the client’s demands and blueprints, our developers have created a fast, convenient, and presentable interface.

Becoming a Microsoft partner

This interface helped Dathena become a Microsoft partner.

Modern programming approaches

We developed the front-end part completely from scratch using modern approaches towards interface programming.

Huge number of graphic elements

During the development of the interface, a huge number of complex graphs and graphic elements were created.

System of data filters

The main feature is using the complex system of data filters.

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