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Work with our Project Managers and Lead Developers to define you requirements and objectives. Identify 30 day development scope.


Work with RFO Solutions team

Identify best suited technology stack. Work with our team, execute 30 day development plan.


Continue if you satisfied

Evaluate the results, agree on the process going forward. Select RFO Solutions to continue the development!


Selecting new software company is hard and risky

There are inherent risks associated with partnering with a new software development company.

We understand that and to help our clients with starting the new relationship we are offering risk free 1 month of software development service. We will work with new clients for 30 days and if they are not satisfied, they can stop the work without paying for it no questions asked.

These 30 days will help our clients understand how we work, communicate, manage projects and build software. After this risk free period, making decision to work with RFO Solutions will be very simple.

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