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SunLink is an American corporation that creates solutions for renewable energy sources. SunLink solutions have been installed at more than 2,200 commercial and utility-scale installations throughout the Americas.

Create the solution for stakeholders in the energy industry to improve project economics and energy operations.

Web App Development


Process & Ressults

Our team has developed:

  • An application that displays the status of solar panels and statistics on them
  • Tracker controllers, Vertex data flow architecture, metric API, and Ingestion API
  • Application logo and interface design developed
We provide scalability and flexibility of the software package as well as security. Security are based on the creation of a local certification center and the generation of the necessary sets of keys. The flexibility of the software package we achieve through the use of the following properties:

  • Code is inheritable, which means that it can be used for the development of other projects.
  • All the main elements are atomic. This allows you to modify the program code or introduce new functions without disrupting the operation of the entire system.
  • Each app component is replaceable due to the used data communication principles and distributed storage.
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